Centre Profile : Our Director Laura Couper

7 Feb 2019 9:58 AMLicensee Person
Centre Profile : Our Director Laura Couper

What do you think The Strawberry Bush does really well?

Everything! But one of our greatest strengths is the relationships we have with our families. We are a small centre and because of this we get to know everyone very well. We all know every parent and child who attends, we are like a big family.


What sets The Strawberry Bush apart from other centres?

There are a few things that we do a bit differently!

Our free flow policy really sets us apart. Our centre has a fluid design that allows children to move between indoor and outdoor environments at will. We also promote free flow between rooms. If we have older children who love babies, then we will encourage them to spend time in the babies and toddler rooms. Children who have siblings are always able to move between rooms to visit them. Because we are a smaller centre, the children know the educators in every room well which means great continuity of care – especially as they transition through the rooms.

Another thing that sets us apart is our sustainability program. The children at our centre will one day be our country’s decision-makers, consumers and social contributors. We believe that employing sustainable practices will not only safeguard our planet for our future generations but help our children to connect with the environment around them.


What is your vision for the centre?

I want to continue to pioneer the sustainability program. As a service, we can can significantly decrease our carbon footprint. Through our program, we show our children and families the value in sustainable practices first hand. Our aim is to encourage them to adopt sustainable practices as well. Together, I believe we can make a real difference.

I am also looking forward to further embedding Abecedarian practices in our program this year. We want to continue to encourage frequent, individual and intentional interactions between educator and child to promote child development and create strong bonds.


How did you get into childcare?

I’ve grown up in the childcare industry. My mum had centres in the UK so I was involved throughout my childhood. After I moved to Australia and had children of my own, I noticed the quality of some services. As a parent, you want your centre to be the next best thing to home and that is what I aimed to create at The Strawberry Bush. 


What do you love about it?

I love working with children! Although I don’t work directly with children as an educator, being in a centre means plenty of interaction with children. It isn’t like a normal office job. If I’m having a bad day, I just pop into one of the rooms and get a cuddle!


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