The Benefits of Messy Play

21 Jan 2019 9:31 AMLicensee Person
The Benefits of Messy Play

Why we think messy play is a must!

Parents can be hesitant when it comes to messy play, however the developmental benefits far outweigh the hassle of cleaning up. At The Strawberry Bush, we believe messy play isn’t just fun – but it comes with a range of benefits for little minds!


A Tactile Experience

Messy play is a tactile experience that stimulates the senses and develops kinaesthetic abilities and fine motor skills. Children also learn about the effect of gravity and the behaviour of liquid and solid object through this kind of play. These are critical skills, and messy play makes it fun for children to practice movements like squeezing, releasing, finger movements and hand-eye coordination.


Ideal for All Ages!

Messy play doesn’t require language, making it ideal for children of all ages and developmental levels. This is an activity that allows all children, including those with special needs, to play alongside each other and interact on the same level.


Creativity and Imagination

We’ve talked about how important developing creativity is in one of our previous posts. Messy play is an excellent way to encourage the use of imagination, which brings a range of developmental benefits including critical thinking, opportunity for language development and self-esteem.


What is Messy Play?

The sky is the limit when it comes to messy play, and there is a huge range of fun activities that fall into this category. Less messy options include play dough, blowing bubbles and water painting (Painting with a brush and container of water).

The fun really begins when you get out the slime, spray bottles and paints and encourage children to use their whole bodies! Natural mediums are also a fun way of engaging in messy play. Think mud, sand, dirt and sticks!


At The Strawberry Bush, we are committed to providing children with fun and engaging early experiences that encourage development. Contact us today to find out more about our program!