Strategies for Settling Your Child in Their New Room

2 Jan 2019 3:48 PMLicensee Person
Strategies for Settling Your Child in Their New Room

Some tips for parents to help your child settle and thrive in their new room!

As we move into 2019, many children will be transitioning into their new rooms! At Bush Babies, we are passionate about the emotions of our little ones and how their experiences can influence their development. We have compiled some tips for parents to help your child settle and thrive in their new room!

Bring a Comforter

Especially when beginning care for the first time, your child may want to bring an item from home to help comfort them. Anything from a teddy bear or a favourite blanket are great ways to help ease the transition from home into their new room.

Create a Goodbye Ritual

Creating a goodbye ritual for your children can help create fuss-free drop offs, as recommended by Jennifer Davis – a head teacher at Michigan State University. A ritual could consist of a simple high-five and a hug or a kiss on the cheek then saying, “I love you”. It is also important to consistently do this ritual at every drop off so that your child will know what to expect. This also helps you as the parents as it limits the time goodbyes take and helps prevent lingering at the door which makes the goodbye harder and longer for both of you.

Have a Checklist

Prepare a what-to-bring checklist the night before and go through the list with your child so they can feel prepared for the day ahead. This should help if they’re feeling uncertain of the activities of the new room and should also help the staff as you’ve packed what your child needs.

Talk it Through

Talk to your children about the transition! Let them know that starting tomorrow, you will be dropping them off into a new room. This will prevent your child from feeling blindsided and panicking.

Share Some Positive Ideas

Talking about the new room in a positive light can help your children begin to feel excited for the transition. Talk about their new educator, and all the new friends that they will make in their room!

Bush Babies thrives of the positive development of the children and their connection to their parents. Our centres are always available to support parents and children as they make the transition to their new rooms. Contact us today to find out more.