Fun Ways to Play and Connect with Your Child

24 Oct 2018 1:10 PMLicensee Person
Fun Ways to Play and Connect with Your Child

Parents know that there is nothing quite like those close moments between parent and child when you connect, giggle, play and feel close. We put together a list of some fun ways to play and connect with your child!



On days when your child is cranky and demanding or wild and hyper, taking the time to get on their level and play for a while can turn it all around! Life is busy, and it can be hard to find the time to have a moment of connection with your child. So, we have put together a list of ways you can have a joyful moment of connection – short and long!


  1. Have a YES day!

It is fun to say yes for a day – for children and parents! Clear your schedule for a day so that you can say “yes” to any idea (within reason) that they have.


  1. Play a car game

Short on time? Take the time to connect in the car! Children love playing I-Spy – older children can even play rhyming I-Spy eg. “I-Spy something that rhymes with door!”


  1. Learning Games

Learning games are an element of the Abecedarian Approach and are all about having playful interactions with your child that encourage them to develop skills to interact with the world around them.


There are learning games for children of every age! For young babies, try talking to them from a distance so they are encouraged to turn and find your voice. This game promotes physical and cognitive development. Older children might enjoy matching games with cards or objects. Remember to always make your learning games achievable. The aim is to set the children up for success!


  1. Make something

Simple baking or arts and craft are a great way to connect with your child and practice joint attention – when you are both focused on the same thing. This is an Abecedarian Approach method that is excellent for encouraging child development.


Need some ideas? Check out our last DIY craft activity here.


  1. Conversational Reading

Conversational reading is an element of the Abecedarian approach and it is a great way to create a moment of connection with your child while encouraging early literacy.


As you read to your child, speak to them about what they are seeing. Let the child lead conversations about the text or the pictures and encourage them to use language and speak about what they see. For more information on conversational reading, check out our article here.


  1. Night time cuddle

This is a great way to finish the day! Read a bedtime story and then talk with your child about what happened that day. This is a great opportunity to use rich language and have a conversation with your child, which encourages language development.


At Bush Babies, we believe that moments of connection make children feel confident, safe and loved. We encourage one-on-one interactions between children and educators to increase moments of connection and promote child development! Contact us today to find out more about our program.