DIY Potato Stamps

26 Sep 2018 10:30 AMLicensee Person
DIY Potato Stamps

A cute, crafty activity that the little ones will love!

We usually try to sneak veggies into yummy recipes and now we have snuck them into this fun DIY activity, perfect for entertaining the little ones this weekend. Not only does it keep children amused, it also allows them to explore their creativity and progresses their physical development by improving fine motor skills and coordination.



What You Need:

  • Potatoes
  • Kitchen knife
  • Water based paint
  • Pencil or marker pen
  • Paper
  • Waste paper for practicing


  • Cut the potato in half. Draw the desired shape onto the surface of the potato using a pencil or marker pen.
  • Cut around this shape with a kitchen knife, leaving the design so it is raised on the surface of the potato.
  • Pour some paint into a saucer and dab the potato in the paint, ensuring that the surface is evenly coated.
  • If there is too much paint on the potato stamp it will slip when stamped onto paper. To remove any excess paint, stamp the potato onto waste or scratch paper a couple of times.
  • Start stamping the potato stamp as required. The potato can be washed after use and used again with another color.

Our Tips:

  • Cutting the potato with a serrated knife will give a textured surface. Use a fork or skewer to make tiny holes in the potato for added design interest.
  • Apply glitter to give an added sparkle to the finished project

We believe children learn best through play-based activities keeping children engaged and allowing them to develop new skills. We provide our Bush Babies with unique learning experiences by offering extracurricular activities at our centre. We encourage parents to try this fun DIY activity and extend their little ones learning at home. Contact us today!

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